This 5th generation iPad Air gets a generous discount of around 100 euros

Apple is offering an astronomical discount on the 2022 iPad Air.

This iPhone is one of the most recommended and costs less than 450 euros
This discount gives the 2022 iPad Air great value for money

All the media seem to agree that Apple won’t be updating many iPad models in 2023 this year. That’s why many consumers rushed to buy previous generation iPad models like this iPad Air released in 2022 which is a very good option Especially right now on Sale.

Apple’s Wi-Fi version of the iPad Air with 64 GB of storage is sold for 769 euros. But this Amazon offer gives us an astronomical discount of almost 100 euros With a final price of 679 euros. A very interesting market opportunity for one of the best tablets in history.

iPad Air 2022

5th generation iPad Air has M1 chip and 10.9-inch display

Despite its size and not being a model in the iPad Pro series, this iPad Air has tremendous power. Apple has implemented M1 chip in this tablet, to provide it with a processor that can do anything. It performs so outstandingly that it even handles heavy features like Stage Manager better than some versions of the iPad Pro.

As for the display of the 5th generation iPad Air, it has a 4.5cm Liquid Retina display. 10.9 inches diagonally and with IPS technology. The screen the following resolution: 2,360 x 1,640 pixelsWhile it’s a bit short compared to other iPad models, it’s more than enough for playing multimedia content and browsing the web.

Finally, let’s talk about your cameras. While it’s true that an iPad doesn’t need particularly demanding hardware in its cameras, the 2022 iPad Air will 12MP ultra-wide-angle front camera very necessary and this works very well on video calls. The rear camera also has a 12 MP lens (not essential) that can be used for document scanning and little else.

This Amazon offer has significantly lowered the price of the currently available 2022 iPad Air, which normally costs 769 euros. 679 euros. Promotion valid only for iPad Air 64GB Wi-Fi model. Available in all colors (blue, star white, space grey, mauve and pink). On the other hand, at Fnac we found the same iPad Air model for 729 euros, but it is also a not bad offer in a Wi-Fi + Cellular version.

iPad Air 2022

In short, it’s like an iPad Pro but less than half the cost. This is a 5th generation iPad Air product brand newIt’s not a refurbished product and I personally consider it one of the most recommended options in the tablet industry.

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