WhatsApp, the most popular messenger in Brazil, keeps adding new features to become more useful. Now it’s the turn of a function that has hitherto been called “.newsletterA new way to easily get updates from individuals and groups such as local authorities, sports teams or other organisations. In the testing phase, the tool is part of the future update of the app for Android.

Based on a few tips in the code, It will be in a separate and optional section located in the WhatsApp Releases tab situationaway from traditional and private conversations.

This is because, without the practical privacy benefit of the end-to-end encryption that the platform offers for private conversations, the new tool will be uncertain and likely to reach large numbers of people. However, there is a strategy to reinforce the privacy of the new communication model.

Privacy in WhatsApp newsletters

A privacy seems to be a priority for WhatsApp newslettersUsers will be able to control who they follow by keeping their phone numbers and personal information confidential at all times. Only the phone number of the community creator is publicly visible so that participants can easily contact the admin privately.

Now, no advertising hints and algorithmic suggestions for this new vehicle. Content will always be displayed chronologically, just like WhatsApp conversations. Also, this feature will support search, meaning users can easily find and join newsletters by searching for username directly in the app.

In the early phase of beta, the Bulletin tool is not yet available and there may be many details to be announced in future updates.

Source: Tec Mundo

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