The author drank 8 to 12 glasses of water with lemon for 30 consecutive days. Other than that, nothing has changed in the daily routine.

She said she noticed an improvement in the condition of her hair and nails. By the end of the month, more than an inch of hair had grown at his roots. And habitually brittle nails became stronger. The skin also became more even and smooth. The author claims he was approached at a store and asked what skin products he used. The girl said it was just cream with SPF and lots of water with lemon.

The author also noted that her appetite has become more moderate. But by the end of the month, she had not lost much weight. Also, during the experiment, the girl’s blood pressure never exceeded 122/83 mm Hg. In addition, the author noted a reduction in muscle spasms and faster recovery from injury. He also stated that he has more energy.

Source: Ferra

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