Google with Android 13, a new smartwatch and Pixel 6a On Wednesday, 11 it presented new plans for the tablet market, an industry the company has neglected in recent years and dominated by Apple’s iPad.

during the keynote conference Google I/O 2022company approved 200+ self-developed apps will be updated “in the coming weeks” with a tablet-optimized version. This includes YouTube Music, which will be one of the most revamped, even Google Maps.

He also confirmed that he is talking to partner companies so that they can also launch their own versions for larger screens. These services include popular tools like Zoom, Canva, and TikTok. Guidelines on how developers should behave to adapt to devices are also in production.

The Google Play Store itself will soon receive a change to the tablet look, which should include a personalized search for optimized apps or filters for reviews only for those versions.

It’s worth remembering that Google announced one of these devices at the event, the Pixel Tablet, and is currently maintaining Android 12L as a system for both tablets and foldable devices. But the next version should be further optimized for multitasking and viewing apps on big screens.

Source: Tec Mundo

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