Not so long ago, the British police got into their own new hybrid scooters. Now two companies, Mahle PowerTrain and Motorcycle Concepts, the mouth She, like the hybrid, will be based on the three-wheeled Yamaha Tricity 300 scooter. They will also retain such a characteristic design feature as a central air duct, reducing drag reduction when driving.

In practice, the “centre duct” is a through hole that runs through the middle of the bike. Reducing resistance, a significant increase in power reserves up to 100 kilometers, and not its speed. It is also expected to carry out a novelty on a fast charging scheme and develop a high-performance electric powertrain that would be exceptional for an investigative use case. The specificity of emergency services does not allow the use of electric motorcycles that are not sold.

Police scooters

At the design stage, some options are being considered for motors and batteries that can be used commercially. Emphasis will be placed on the use of batteries that will reduce the amount of rare earth materials. In March, it is planned to complete the process of technical and economic examination of the project, then the creation of prototypes will begin – and, probably, the production of test batches of scooters.

It is expected that the new coastal-powered police scooters will be no less in demand than the ihigiver. Riding them does not require special training and excessive permits, and the speed of movement can be sufficient. In addition, the novelty may be attractive to others’ something The project was supported by the British Ministry of Transport.

Police scooters

Source: Tech Cult

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