Surely you have searched for a chat in the app on more than one occasion. Whats up and you went crazy to find exactly the right one. And that will have led you to think that it would be a very good idea to have a way. filter search for this type of content. And the truth is, it does… but it’s not for everyone. Well, according to what was just known, what was stated will soon change.

For a while, in release advertising (or what some would call professional), the messaging app we’re talking about has an option that lets you filter chats, among other things. And for some reason – beyond differences for users – this is not very well understood. not found in standard application which is downloaded from official app stores.

This feature is already being tested for everyone

As is known, the most used platform for messaging is already testing the inclusion of the filter for chats in the application for all users. And interestingly, the location chosen to access the new feature isn’t exactly innovative: it’s the same as existing in commercial development. So, just placed to the right of the search bar At the top of the WhatsApp interface.

WhatsApp chat filtering icon


Depending on the source of the information, there will be a difference: in the standard version, the icon in the form of an inverted triangle with horizontal lines is always visible, while in the commercial application it is hidden unless you use it. toolbar. Search. So, we’re talking about something pretty minor. Otherwise, functionality will be exactly the sameThis is nothing more than creating parameters that allow to refine a conversation search, whether individual or group.

What versions of WhatsApp will it reach?

Well, according to known information, to everyone who currently exists from the messaging app. In other words, it will soon be available for both. iOS, Android and also, for options computer. Currently in testing phase to verify that everything is working as it should, but normally this new option for standard version of WhatsApp will be functional shortly as you have previous experience working in commercial application.

This new tool will undoubtedly be very useful for users, because will reduce time when you find a chat with specific content (text or multimedia).

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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