For many months this has been the usual way to pay for services and in-game nishtyaks on iPhones, is to debit MTS and Beeline mobile numbers from the account. Not as convenient as before, but you can live.

I always have money in my account to extend the life of iCloud and Apple Music. At some point, I canceled a bunch of subscriptions, didn’t use it, and I know for sure: 500 rubles a month is more than enough to get access to the Apple service without being suspended.

However, at some point, a red circle was added to the settings icon. Went in to see what it was and needed to update billing information.

We have already written about this and tried several solutions to the problem. In short, such an exercise will be automatically subscribed for some service, and the receipt on the account is not enough.

But I only have TWO subscriptions, 169 and 149 rubles a month. Ensure extension and performance. So how do you get rid of that annoying protrusion?

A non-obvious but simple solution

The notification is gone, hooray.

If you suspected your subscriptions and did not notice anything unpaid, if you do not have a spare beeline or MTS number to add a new payment method to the main pair, then there is only one thing left.

You just need to sign out of your Apple ID on your iPhone and sign back in.

How to do it:

1. Go to Settings – Apple ID
2. Scroll to the bottom and click “Exit”
3. Enter your Apple ID password and agree to store data from iCloud for emissions


After a few seconds, you noticed that instead of your Apple ID, the “Sign in on iPhone” field appeared. Great, let’s go back soon.

Click on this field, enter your Apple ID and password. Confirm sign-in to the new device using a different domain for your Apple device account.

Then enter the iPhone unlock code if you have it installed, and if you use a MacBook, you also need to enter its unlock code.

Agree to merge data with iCloud and wait a few seconds.


That’s it, your iPhone is again tied to your Apple ID, and most importantly, the information about the need to update the payment system has disappeared.

Yes, it takes a bit of discovery before the saved playlists and tracks in Apple Music pull up from the clouds, but with Wi-Fi, this is not too much time.

From now on, you use the services of this warehouse, if all official and logical means have not helped.

To the point: How to pay for Apple subscriptions and top up your App Store account in 2022. All work tasks

Source: Iphones RU

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