If you enter Twitter and you can’t update posts, you’re not alone. Social network you have experienced a failure that partially affects your services. The problem seems to be centered on feed —section “Subscriptions”— which does not download new publications.

The inconvenience registers both in applications for iOS and Android, and in the web version Twitter. When accessed from mobile, messages older than an hour are displayed, and when trying to refresh the home screen, an error message appears. While not even tweets appear from the desktop, but a twitter welcome screen.

In accordance with down detector, at 11:40 am (CET) on March 1, there was a peak of reports about the incorrect operation of the social network. Problem seems global, or at least it affects several important regions of the world. Inability to access feed The main Twitter account has been reported in both the US and countries in Europe and South America.

He feed Twitter is not working

A message that appears in the main Twitter feed without loading new posts.

Undoubtedly, we are faced with a rather peculiar problem, since the inconvenience seems to be concentrated in the cover of the social network. The “For you” section remains active, although publications there are not arranged in chronological order, but in accordance with the relevance determined by the algorithms.

Something similar happens with profiles. Activity in the specified section is maintained as usual, and both posts made on Twitter and through third-party platforms Seems to work flawlessly.. Actually, check hypertext continue to freely share the messages of our site. Although it is clear that with problems feed Basically, the reach of tweets has been drastically reduced.

On the other hand, accessing sections like “Lists” and “Direct Messages” also gives the impression that it works correctly. A situation that increases rumors about what is causing the most important part of the platform to fail.

In any case, in addition to what is happening in feed Basically the Twitter search engine doesn’t seem to work 100% either. Although you can find other profiles, publications, photos or videos, it doesn’t give results in the “Most Recent” tab. This was reported by analyst Jane Manchun Wong, and we ourselves confirmed this.

At the moment, because Twitter support They didn’t provide details. about what causes failures in the “Subscriptions” section and why it is impossible to see the latest posts.

Technical problems and difficult times for the company

Twitter Offices / Twitter

The technical glitches that Twitter experienced this Wednesday came just after the latest wave of layoffs orchestrated by Elon Musk. While it is not possible to directly link one event to another, the reality is that recently the overall functioning of the social network has been more deficient than usual.

The extreme reduction in available staff has meant that site and application maintenance tasks have been affected. which can be translated into longer waiting time when solving technical problems, like the one that is now registered in feed main.

In the meantime, we’ll wait for news of fixes affecting Twitter and will update the article to reflect them.

Source: Hiper Textual

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