More than a century later, the National Archives of Australia (NAA) has just released to the public an impressive list of photographs taken in 1911 from the first expeditions to Antarctica.

As Stephen Fox, Deputy General Manager of the NAA, explained:

“This collection is rare and fragile. Acquisition, storage, digitization and preservation means that they will be available now and for future generations,” he says.

One of the main characters in these photographs is John King Davis, a sailor sometimes called “the greatest captain in the history of Antarctica” and who took most of the photographs during expeditions to the White Continent in the early 20th century. century. Acclaimed Australian photographer Frank Hurley joined in as the photographer, who also took many of the images, which provide “a unique insight into the challenging conditions the researchers faced,” the NAA said in a statement.

Other images show a colony of king penguins on Macquarie Island, a remote island located between Australia and the Antarctic mainland.

Source: Digital Trends

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