Brave is an increasingly popular browser. What began as an alternative to the traditional Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera is now a reality as one of the most popular browsers today.

And the reasons are many. starting from Encryption that makes browsing saferand with an effective ad blocker. It’s also faster than most of its competitors, consumes less device resources, and even has a rewards system for its users.

Today Technology World It offers five main advantages of using Brave Browser on your computer or mobile device. Check out!

1. Much safer

The main advantage of Brave Browser is its security. It has one of the best trackers and script blockers and prevents your data from being exposed on the internet and, above all, from getting into the hands of criminals.

Besides, Brave also comes with an ad blocker. which makes navigation cleaner. On top of that, it can also generate a privacy report that shows all blocked trackers and ads on every page visited.

In the case of mobile phones, the same ad blocker helps with the lifespan of the device. This is because less information is produced on the screen and shorter loading time, resulting in greater savings in energy consumption and data packets.

2. A truly anonymous mode

Currently all browsers have incognito mode. Browsing history is not stored in it and it is possible to use it on the Internet as if accessing everything for the first time. However, your location is still available to certain websites and platforms that use this information.

Brave has an Incognito Mode that truly protects its data and the location of its users

On the other hand, Brave has an anonymous mode which mainly helps to hide your connection location related data. This is because it performs a redirect between several servers before reaching the desired page.

With this, knowing the exact location becomes more complicated. Finally, the browser also uses encryption to protect your anonymity.

3. Much faster browsing

Another great feature of Brave Browser is its low RAM consumption. A large part of this is due to the effective ad-blocking system, tracking scripts and cookies.

With this, navigation is lighter and as a result less hardware is needed to perform multiple functions.

The mobile version of Brave Browser also has features that make it faster than its competitors.

In addition, as we mentioned before, there is the advantage of consuming less mobile data when the browser is used on smartphones. This is because with the block there is no need to create links for extra functions such as loading ads on top of your profile and browsing history.

4. Cash Rewards

The browser has a reward system called Brave Rewards. You can check the ads in it and send information about what you consume on the internet in exchange for BATs, which are the points you have accumulated on the platform.

Brave Rewards is the browser reward system

These BATs can be used each month in a system similar to sites with affiliate programs or platforms with charging mechanisms like YouTube and Twitch. Can be converted into cash or can be used as virtual currency in partner stores.

5. Compatibility with Chrome extensions

There is good news for users who prefer Google Chrome because of its large number of extensions: Brave Browser is compatible with all of them.

This is because the browser has a similar architecture that allows you to transfer these add-ons from your competitor to it. As well as allowing you to import what you have already installed on the same device.

Brave Browser supports importing Google Chrome extensions and saving data

Still about compatibility, The browser also allows you to import other information from competing browsers. For example, it is possible to use it on different versions of Brave, i.e. PC or mobile devices, by importing bookmark folders, browsing history and even passwords stored in Google Chrome.

Now that you know the main advantages of using Brave Browser, it’s a good idea to give the browser a shot and start using it on both your PC and mobile device.

Source: Tec Mundo

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