You don’t need any more accessories for your Mac or MacBook with this USB-C HUB and it’s 20% off

Charge at high speed, add memory, wire up and mount more displays for just 48 euros.

This HUB has 9 ports so you can use any peripheral you can think of.

Who has more or less a MacBook or laptop at home? available USB-C port. Surely you are looking for an HDMI duplicator, a several USB slots or an adapter to connect your computer With RJ45 cable instead of WiFi, because the signal is not reaching you well. One of the USB HUBs for the MacBook I bought.

Well, I will recommend this. USB-C HUB with many ports so you can connect everything to one gadget. This is Baseus HUB, a company that has been prominent in offering high-end devices for several years. at very competitive prices. This includes 9 ports and fast charging only 59.99 48 Euros with this 20% extra offer from Amazon.

Baseus USB-C HUB (9 in 1)

Get the definitive HUB for 48 euros

This HUB has 9 ports, among which we can find a USB-C capable of charging. up to 100W poweran HDMI we can connect 4K display up to 120Hz spaciousness, another HDMI for secondary 4K display up to 30Hz, SD and micro SD card readers, 2 ports USB-A 3.0 and other USB-A 2.0as well as a slot for an RJ45 Ethernet network up to 1000Mbps.

you can take advantage of. fast charging of some laptops Like MacBook Pros with the M1 Pro chip, it can charge your iPhone and iPad at the highest possible speed. wired printerand you will even have External memories by USB or card to move your work or certain large files from one PC to another or from PC to your smart TV.

hub baseus two screens

Depending on your laptop, you can simultaneously connect up to two 4K displays in twin or extended mode.

In this Baseus HUB there is a flashing blue LED light when it detects that it can already be used. It has been designed so that you will not be exposed to overheating, so it is used. aluminum for housing. At first glance it is a very well built element and looks like it could last for many years without any problems.

Baseus USB-C HUB (9 in 1)

If you use your MacBook frequently at home lots of peripherals, this offer saves you both money and headaches and cables and adapters. With this element you already have to do up to 9 peripherals and memory for simultaneous use and at any time without conflicting or compromising their work. All you need is a fast MacBook charger to harness the power of this HUB.

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