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Huawei wants to compete with Apple and is already preparing its proposal for AirTags


Apple seems to have hit the nail on the head with the launch of AirTags and these little trackers were released a few months ago and have been making headlines ever since. The truth is that they are not the first products of this style to come to the fore.but the truth is, they are the ones that got the most attention.

Tile took the initiative and was one of the first companies to bring this type of add-on and accessory to the market. It so happened that its popularity was not as big as that of AirTag in such a short time, but this also has its negative side for Apple, and now the competition will be much tougher than before..

After the launch of the Apple AirTag, there would be a series of months during which phone companies were involved in rumors that they were preparing various proposals to compete with the Apple AirTag. These rumors are still circulating, and now Huawei has become the protagonist..


Apple AirTag – review, opinion and hide-and-seek

Information has just been leaked that the Asian company Huawei will have a device very similar to the Apple AirTag in its hands, and therefore will directly compete with this proposal. Yes indeed the market they will focus on will be Android, not devices running the Cupertino operating system..

This leak comes from Gizmochina, which has repeated an update to one of Huawei’s apps that will now add support for a device that It will be called Huawei Tag, and this, logically, raises many doubts about what Huawei has in store. and, above all, about the future of this type of product.

From a technical point of view, what is expected of this device and Information has been leaked that it will support UWB, i.e. ultra-wide range, which allows you to track this device in any situation and anywhere.. Of course, it would be necessary to see if Huawei has its own generic tracking system for these devices.

For now, this leak is up in the air, and what happened is that it’s quite interesting to see a company like Huawei bet on this type of device.. In fact, it will most likely be released later this year; although this is a fact that cannot be fully known officially.

Source: Computer Hoy

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