The release of the film “Nuremberg” was filmed in the Russian box office.

The author of the picture was Nikolai Lebedev, responsible for “Legend No. 17” and “Crew”. These are not bad pictures, so reasonable hopes were placed on the novelty. Alas, they failed to justify.

We have already reviewed the movie and are in a hurry to share our impressions.

One of the fruits in history

The plot tells about one of the many Nuremberg trials, during which the Nazis were tried after the end of the Second World War.

What is the movie about: 1945 The International Military Tribunal begins in Nuremberg. The court, which will later be called the Process of the Century, attracts a huge number of people from all over the world: the city is crowded with journalists, lawyers, translators, witnesses and participants in the process and employees of the process.

Among those who come to Nuremberg to work at the Process is Igor Volgin. He is young, but he went through the war, he has the right to speak several foreign languages. Volgin will be an interpreter in the Soviet delegation under Colonel Migachev.

One day, on the street of Nuremberg, Volgin meets a young Russian girl, Lena. Their nascent feeling goes through many trials, but love is the only thing that has saved the world from dehumanization at all times.

Let’s start right away with the main thing. Before us non-historical film about the process itself. This is a frail spy half-action, half-drama, half-detective. Of the 2 hours of the timing of the tribunal of the parties, about 25 minutes.

And this is perhaps the best part of the novelty. There are almost no questions to it, with the exception – yes, your discussions are touched upon and quite accurately repeated, but why do they contain only one Soviet Union and Germany? Why didn’t the USA and France join them in the same 25 minutes? Why are all the replicas covered only by Soviet citizens? Did you decide to forget about other events?

What in fact: films tell us love story Soviet translator and spy. The latter infiltrated the camp of the remaining fascists. It is this story that forms the basis of the picture; various events related to the Nuremberg trials are played around it. Only here is the problem – neither the tribunal, nor the love story, nor the topics raised

Lebedev, who acted as a director and screenwriter, decided to simply ignore his own features. They reincarnate on discovered fingers, they have no motivation, and their actions raise an infinite number of questions.

Sometimes action stupid, causes laughter. For example, a boss came to Volgin with a super-secret task about who should not know. At the same moment, Lena, hardly known to Igor, is hiding in the room, about which Volgin is trying to implement his leadership, but he decides to ignore it and find out all the details of the plan. Results.

Oh yes, Igor is also actively looking for his twin brother, who is mentioned exactly 3 times per film: at the beginning of the week 5, in the middle of a sentence, at the end of 10 seconds.

And the film is full of similar moments. Dialogues about everything at the same time and about nothing at the same time get bored, many topics are bypassed or immediately forgotten. Absolutely all the operating functions that are necessary in order to move the plot forward. He coped with his role perfectly, probably only Karsten Nörgaardwho played Goering.

Sergei Bezrukov, at the expense of which the novelty was so promoted, responded well to Sergei Bezrukov (and the Soviet prosecutor Rudenko). In this case, the actor can actually be seen for a maximum of 10 minutes from the entire timing.

Mironov coped with his role better. It is evident that he tried to relate to the strict image of Major Migachev. But his participation in the picture is also addicted to use.

But the picture is good

What the author really succeeded in is, after all, repeat the production of post-fascist Germany. Destroyed buildings, street flea markets, searching for missing soldiers and more convey a sense of mood.

Visually, the film performed well. Although, of course, in terms of staging and special effects, charges are made. For example, the most important thing in Russia is Slow-mo in one of the frames closer to the final, literally slows down and jerks — is it normal? Where is the smooth picture?

Some explosions and firefights in dynamic scenes look unnatural. In addition, you can see how some of the effects are drawn in post-production. Sometimes operators cannot choose suitable angles and are shy in movement, often ragged montage disappear into the frames and their events occur.

However, in some respects, the picture looks slender and well-posed.

There is absolutely nothing to see here.

From the point of view of perception, there is very little in the picture for the audience, and from an artistic point of view, there is nothing memorable.

What’s more, the film simply can’t produce at least one well-crafted storyline, instead of this concentrated hodgepodge of different genres, none of which works. The dialogues are empty, there are almost no normal acting, but there is a good picture. Is this a film about the Nuremberg Trials?

It is better to review the cost of a painting by Stanley Kramer, and do not waste time on a novelty.

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