Almost all space powers have their own programs for the exploration of the moon. Interest in estestelineas is at an all high level – during the seventh sensation one feels the zap private. Many of them are in international positions – representatives of space agencies are waiting for the offensive to achieve the expected goals. Implementation of Universal Lunar Time is possible due to conditions of use.

Previously, space programs used the time zones used on Earth, but this approach will become unacceptable in the near future. The number of participating countries is expanding, which is common for all time scales. The need to change the approach to measuring time on the Moon, which was discussed last November in the Netherlands in connection with a conflict of problems at the ESTEC technology center of the European Space Agency, was discovered.

It has not yet been determined which organization will use the supply of lunar time. UTC can be used as one solution. However, it is recommended that the clock on the moon go a little faster. They “run away” forward by 56 microseconds per day. Now experts are looking for the best approach that would provide

The development of a functional system over time is simple enough to create similar systems for other planets, the development of which will occur in the foreseeable future. First of all, we are talking about Mars. This initiative will be part of a large-scale program to develop the architecture of communications and navigation systems. Earth.

Source: Tech Cult

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