Following Meta’s recognition as an extremist and the ban on his activities in the Russian Federation, his social networks Instagram and Facebook were blocked. This caused a sharp reduction in her audience in Russia and a decrease in the “surfing” time on the tapes. At the same time, the growth of traffic on Telegram and VKontakte is lower in pace than the losses from blocked networks.

The blockade reduced the audience of Instagram in Russia by 5 times, Facebook by 3.5 times

Vedomosti, citing statistics collected by the Mediascope service, cites the following figures (February 2023 compared to February 2022):

  • Average Daily Instagram Coverage (Russians 12+): 6% vs. 31% (ie 5 times less),
  • Facebook average daily reach: 2% vs. 7% (3.5x reduction),
  • Tiktok’s average daily reach is 27% (it hasn’t changed since the social network is not blocked, but there are posting restrictions for Russians),
  • Telegram average daily reach: 41% vs. 23% (a 1.8x increase),
  • the average daily coverage of VKontakte is 44% (an increase of 1.15 times),
  • the average daily coverage of Odnoklassniki is 18% (an increase of 1.12 times),
  • The average time spent online on Instagram is 17 minutes per day (a 2.4x reduction),
  • Facebook average time online is 5 minutes (3x reduction),
  • Tiktok average online time is 65 minutes (1.2x reduction)?
  • Telegram’s average time on the network is 39 minutes (an increase of 1.4 times),
  • average time in the network on VKontakte – 45 minutes (no change),
  • The average online time for Odnoklassniki is 32 minutes (no change).

As you can see, despite the mass exodus from the Meta social networks belonging to those banned in the Russian Federation (3-5 times drop in audience), there is not such a significant increase in traffic on Telegram and VKontakte, but Tiktok continues. demonstrating stability. , although it has introduced a ban on the publication of part of the content by subscribers from the Russian Federation.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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