Apple has been using Samsung screens in its devices for a long time, despite the fact that both companies are direct competitors. This results in Apple often making compromises to get Samsung displays, according to The Information.

▪️ Samsung is extremely distrustful of Apple, which prohibits Apple engineers from working in Samsung factories and in the Aliexpress offices of a South Korean company.

▪️ In 2017, a group of Apple engineers flew to South Korea to meet with Samsung Display. But they were not allowed into the office under the pretext that Samsung was including intellectual property related to OLED. Apple employees had to communicate with Samsung employees via video link from their hotel rooms.

▪️ When Apple monitors Samsung’s requests to increase additional screen information, Samsung returns documents marked “confidential”.

▪️ Unlike other Apple investments, Samsung does not take the financial risks associated with the storage of unnecessary parts.

▪️ A few years ago, Samsung received 100,000 additional MacBook screens from Apple after Apple lowered its consumption forecast for the product.

▪️ Samsung sent Foxconn a LIVE display for the first iPad mini with Retina screen. Apple found small defects in the displays, but Samsung refused to replace themso Apple installed defective screens.

▪️ A similar situation arose a few years ago, but with displays for MacBooks. After the discovery of the marriage, Apple directed production until it found all the screens with defects.

▪️ Apple originally didn’t want an OLED screen in the iPhone Xto get rid of Samsung addiction.

▪️ In 2014, Apple began using microLED displays, which will be implemented in the iPhone X. In 2015, it bought a small display factory in Taiwan from Qualcomm to learn how to produce screens on its own.

▪️ Ultimately, Apple abandoned microLED due to the high cost of production, the complexity of manufacturing, and the high probability of detecting defects. [The Information]

Source: Iphones RU

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