iPad Pro with OLED screen due in 2024 will cost a lot of attention, according to The Elec.

Apple is already selling a price subscription for the new iPad Pro. The 11-inch version is expected to cost a minimum of $1,500, while the base 13-inch model is expected to cost $1,800.

Thus, the iPad Pro 11 will rise in price by 80%, and the iPad Pro 13 by 60%. The tablets will cost more than the MacBook Air and Pro with M2.

Industry opinion is divided on this issue. One source sees the rise in prices as a natural process as Apple moves to a new group that is gaining the attention of loyal customers. Others are sure that after the rise in price, iPad Pro sales will fall.

iPad Pro prices will increase because Apple has installed OLED screens that cost 2-3 times more than mini-LED displays.

Source: Iphones RU

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