Elon Musk He regrets it again. The tycoon announced on his X (Twitter) profile that he would again show headlines in links published on the social network. The platform will therefore reverse the controversial measure that the tycoon implemented in October, when he decided that the preview links The external website will only show the image without any additional details.

The controversial decision was question of “aesthetics”as he said. But some recognized the action as part of the businessman’s fight with the mainstream media.

So Elon Musk said that X (Twitter) will overlay the title on top of the URL card image.. He didn’t say when or show any examples of what that would look like. Only this will happen with the next update.

In a change announced in August and implemented in October, X (Twitter) users now have to click or tap a URL card to find out the title or read the news headline. Some suggested that this was a way to reduce the size of posts., in order to show more content in feed user. Others acknowledged that the change avoided alarmist headlines and thus stopped clickbait.

But the media loves The keeper, For example, they said it was a direct attack on news editors.. The previous design was key to increasing reader traffic, British media say. To cope with the situation, some editors have started writing their own captions for images and posting links separately. Magazine Luck He assured that even advertisers are unhappy with this measure.

Elon Musk’s eternal struggle with the media in X (Twitter)

Elon Musk on Twitter

Since Elon Musk took over X (Twitter) in 2022, he has made a number of drastic changes. Many of them were aimed directly at the world’s mainstream media, which harshly criticized the man recognized as the richest man in the world.

The billionaire removed journalists from the podium. It also removed verification from several media members before it was a paid option. He began responding to requests for information and interviews with an automated message containing a poop emoji. And the biggest quarrel: the label in the profiles of state-funded media.

Elon Musk spun off several television and radio networks at the beginning of the year, including RTVE, BBC and Canadian CBCclarification that these are “state media” or “state-funded media.” The reaction was group and scandalous. Some like CBCthey decided to leave X (Twitter). RTVE And BBC They publicly demanded that the label be removed because it called into question their editorial independence.

The mogul has reached out to the label, first to the media and now to the headlines. During this year of his reign he did this several times. But these days are especially difficult for the company, which faces a flight from its biggest advertisers.

Elon Musk condemned Media matters for reporting on antisemitism

Non-profit organization Media Matters to America published a report last week that found ads from tech companies such as Apple, IBM, Amazon and Oracle were displayed next to far-right publications. Some of them were anti-Semitic messages, openly pro-Nazi. Hence, Apple, IBM, Disney and the European Commission have decided to suspend the social media directive. Between many others.

Elon Musk, true to his style, decided to sue Media matters. The complaint, filed Monday this week, accuses the organization of misrepresenting the likelihood that ads will appear next to radical content on X (Twitter). “Media matters “These images were developed as a media strategy to drive advertisers off the platform and destroy X Corp,” the document says.

But it’s not easy Media matters. Various organizations, including the European Union, agree that the rise of Elon Musk has influenced content moderation on the platform. Consequently, hate speech has increased. For example, during his reign the number of anti-Semitic messages doubled.

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