Izvestia was told this by sources in one of Moscow’s largest radio markets. As one of the sellers in the radio market said, in the last two weeks the prices of “gray” devices have already increased by 3-4 thousand rubles. In the future, their price is likely to increase, similar to devices supplied through authorized parallel imports. According to the forecasts of the sellers, in March the stocks of the devices that were previously imported illegally will be completely depleted.

Eldar Murtazin, a leading analyst at Mobile Research Group, claims that the suspension of imports of “gray” equipment is due to the fact that this product is no longer allowed to pass through customs.

FCS, on the other hand, determined that smartphones imported without complying with customs formalities were smuggled. According to the information given by Izvestia to the press service, the Federal Customs Service is working in a planned manner to combat illegal procurement.

Source: Ferra

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