Salesforce has launched a beta testing tool that allows you to use the AI ​​power of ChatGPT in messages. They should complement each other perfectly, since ChatGPT has already trained document development and business correspondence management, and Slack appeared for business needs.

In version control, ChatGPT on Slack can compile drafts of CUMENTs faster than any human. For those responsible for answering the questions of employees and girls, they should be guided in the DOCUMENTATION of the organization. The application of AI is supposed to simplify and significantly speed up the work of your office for hh again.

This is the case with Salesforce, named after Slack, the company you announced on Slack, and the “In Gin” force. It is stated that this is the first in satm rrrrrrrrs

Critics of the idea have predicted that the corporate sector will be taken over in chaos, as the incredible performance of AI, multiplied by the number of errors in its work, is adjusted to the maximum maximum amount of small business information. People embracing in workplaces will remain less and less physically obligated to pay attention to the work of AI, so the company will start getting incorrect data about its customers and business processes. This can lead to serious business consequences. corporations.

Source: Tech Cult

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