First of all, the large size of insects in Australia is due to the warm climate there. It is known that insects tend to grow in warmer places, closer to the equator. And Australian bushes are food that promotes the growth of insects.

Another reason why insects are so large on the Australian continent is climate. In general, it is arid in Australia.

Also, the growth of spiders and other insects is affected by the duration of their heat period. Because such periods are shorter, insects have little time to grow and mature. This is also explained by the fact that many insects do not tolerate cold. However, in places where the warm periods are long, insects breed more.

Thanks to the humidity and warm climate, many insects have access to food all year round. As a result, they can live for a long time.

Speaking of spiders in particular, another reason they’re so big in Australia is the sheer number of tiny insects on the continent. This is explained by the fact that on the territory of Australia there are a lot of small pieces of bush, and you can find them even in cities.

Source: Ferra

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