Flight from AnadoluJet, a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines, He had to abort his departure (10) On Tuesday, he was already taxiing on the runway at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv, Israel. According to the country’s Airport Authority, The truth came about due to an incident of mass panic among passengers after receiving distressing footage of the plane crashes..

While the Boeing 737 aircraft was on its way to Istanbul, Turkey, some of the 166 passengers on board began to receive images via AirDrop, a short-haul sharing service provided by Apple for Apple devices. According to website manage, one passenger needed to be cared for after a panic attack and another passed out.

Passengers who took the photos, which allegedly contain images of a Turkish Airlines plane crashing in the Netherlands in 2009 and another plane crashing in the USA, got sick and called the cabin attendants and showed the photos.

Young people detained

After the plane returns to the boarding gate, all passengers Ordered down for security checksAll baggage is included, according to the Israel Airports Authority, which is responsible for managing the country’s main civil airports. Nine 18-year-old passengers from a village in northern Israel were detained. Israel Times.

The suspects were interrogated by posting the actual images in the wrong context. According to officials, the action “could be interpreted as a threat to attack”. Young people face up to 3 years in prison to spread false information.

Source: Tec Mundo

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