The American company Amogy announced the launch next year of the first ship in a new line of transport ships that use ammonia as the base fuel. However, this is the story of Fortescue Future Industries, which will launch in April 2021. And there is also a joint project of the same ship about scarce companies eidesvik and Fraunhofer called “Viking Energy” and

Amogi, shrugged, has the most advantageous position, quickly implemented the IT Power plant for ships with repetitive lighting for ground vehicles, but its power reaches 1 MW. In such a system, ammonia is forced through the cracking vehicle.

The Amogy power plant will be repaired for this purpose by a tug built in 1957. It originally had an electric motor powered by its diesel generator – replacing the ammonia system without reworking the ship itself. Driving performance will certainly suffer, since twice as much energy is stored in diesel fuel, chem. But the latter refers to “green technologies”.

Miak considers it a promising type of fuel for sea transport. The substance is toxic, but cheap to produce, a ship needs a lot of fuel. Therefore, all announced solutions are still experimental and the appearance of an ammonia fleet in a pack in a pack guaranteed.

Source: Tech Cult

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