The authorities on the island of Bali may tighten the visa regime for Russians. They often receive complaints about wrongdoing, the governor said, urging the government to review its visa policy.

The governor of Bali urged to tighten the visa regime for Russians

Bali Governor Vayan Koster has made a proposal to change the visa policy for tourists from Russia and Ukraine. This is reported by The Jakarta Post.

According to Koster, Russians are more likely than others to be notified for crimes, including those related to working in the country without permission. The violations of the law committed by Russians and Ukrainians are “much more significant” than those for which tourists from other countries are warned, the governor stressed.

The Reuters newspaper clarified that there were complaints from Bali citizens about a Russian tourist who posed naked in a sacred tree for the inhabitants of the island, as well as a tourist who ran over a pedestrian while intoxicated.

Bali’s governor noted that 31 tourists from Russia and Ukraine have already been deported from the country. Vayan Koster appealed to the state government, represented by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, with a request to tighten the visa policy for citizens of these countries.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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