But time passed, and many, apparently, even agreed to not buy the long-awaited shooter anywhere else.

And now, as is known, the Atomic Heart for VK Play version has one feature that differs from the Steam version or any other – its updates come out with a noticeable delay.

VK representatives have not yet commented on the situation. And this despite the fact that the complaints flooded the comments under the latest posts about the game on the social network.

But there is a fully working way to fix the problem. The first is to purchase the game through a Turkish Steam account that offers timely patch releases and achievement support.

Keep in mind that despite the above issues, Atomic Heart is already very popular, making it into the top 10 PS5 games with the most downloads in the US and Europe in February.

Recently, Mundfish developers said that the company is considering the possibility of creating the next game in the project universe.

Source: Ferra

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