This 13,800 mAh external battery drastically reduces its price and is available for less than 20 Euros.

Amazon has drastically reduced the price of this external battery compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones.

This 13,800 mAh external battery drastically reduces its price and is available for less than 20 Euros.
This external battery has a capacity of 13,800 mAh, an LCD panel and 4 USB-A and USB-C ports.

How important is the battery in any electronic device, not just an iPhone. Without him, nothing would work. In fact, it directly affects the performance of a terminal. Surely, you may have noticed that in some cases, your iPhone’s performance drops drastically when the battery percentage drops below 5%.

Well, while there are many tricks to prolong the battery of your iPhone and iPad, you can now prevent your terminal from running out of battery – in fact, it is recommended to charge between 15% and 75% to prolong the battery. convenient – ​​thanks to its use portable external battery. And we have one of the most popular batteries on the market at a very interesting discount. We’re talking about AXNEB’s only 13,800mAh battery, which is currently 38% off on Amazon. €18.65. What a bargain, wow!

AXNEB external battery

Small, powerful, lightweight external battery with a capacity of 13,800 mAh

The main feature or advantage of this external battery is, Brutal capacity of up to 13,800 mAh quite small in size. This, along with its price, makes this battery one of the best price/performance options on the market.

This capacity gives your iPhone 2 to 3 full battery charges. If you run out of battery while traveling or forget your charger at the office or elsewhere, this portable battery extra energy intake and keep using your iPhone or Android smartphone.

It has 4 ports. Two USB-A output ports, one USB-C input and output port, and one Micro USB input port. This allows the power bank to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously.

Additionally, it has two pretty interesting little details for a product like this: LED flashlight and one LCD panel Shows the remaining battery percentage.

Compatible with the vast majority of devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android smartphonesFrom Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung and many more manufacturers.

Review of AXNEB external battery by Es-ie1lt YouTube channel.

Original price of this external battery usually manufactured by AXNEB €29,95 but it’s currently on sale at 38% off and the price is only €18.65. It is a highly recommended offer for an efficient, reliable and high quality product. Available in blue, black, white and red.

AXNEB external battery

It has absolutely everything to be an inseparable companion of your iPhone: LCD panel, 4 ports, LED flashlight and great energy capacity. In case you need even more capacity, we have an external battery offer from the same manufacturer that can go up to 30,800 mAh.

Finally, remember that we’ve shared an endless array of tricks, tips, and advice for charging your iPhone and device’s battery and prolonging its lifespan.

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