Storing books correctly is an important task for anyone who wants to keep the environment tidy and increase the durability of works. This is why many people bet on buying a bookshelf as they tend to support a large amount of items in their build.

With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose a model that fits your needs. With that in mind, we’ve put together some key points to consider in the purchasing process below. Check out:

1. Size and usable space


The size of the rack is one of the biggest considerations when purchasing. The furniture should fit in the room of interest and have the desired decorative effect, such as covering the entire wall. Therefore, it is important to measure the place where the furniture will be installed in order to compare the measurements with the measurements of the visualized models.

In addition, the available space of the item should also affect the choice of the right size. Models with different designs can hold fewer books and cause some works to be moved. That’s why it’s worth doing a survey of how many books you have in your home to get a more accurate idea.

2. Material

The material of a furniture can affect both the durability of the product and the decoration of the environment. For example, iron shelves tend to wear less over time than wooden shelves. However, designs made with this material are more traditional and do not offer a wide color palette.

Models can still be found on the market in MDF or MDP, which are raw materials that normally offer products with higher cost effectiveness.

3. Resistance and weight bearing


Another important point to consider should be the durability of the rack. It needs to support all ledgers without presenting any risk to its structure, such as tipping. For this reason, besides counting the works discussed in the first title, it would be appropriate to have an idea about the weight that the books will carry together.

Having this information would be a good way to make a more assertive choice.

4. Environmental decoration and style

The decoration of the environment is an important element for many, as the inhabitants can leave the house with their personality. Therefore, it is important to choose a library model that integrates with the style of the house in order not to regret it.

Colorful models can be interesting for those who want to add more color to the room, while iron and wood models should please those who like industrial or rustic style.

Library: product recommendations

Check out the 5 library options:

1. Organizer rack with 10 Artely niches

16% Closed

Image: Organizer shelf with 10 niches, Artely

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Organize your books with the 10 niches that the bookshelf gives you.

239.00 BRL

Artely’s Bookshelf is medium in size and should especially please those who are just starting to build their own personal library. The product dimensions are 25 x 91 x 109 cm and support a maximum weight of 25 kg.

The 10 niches are spacious and allow you to store boxes and other items such as vases. Made in MDP and only available in white, the brand claims the shelf is ideal for creating living rooms, offices or bedrooms.

2. Library Siena Moveis Onix

Image: Bookcase 4 Shelves, Siena Moveis Onix
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

A bookcase with several shelves is an ideal way to organize your home and enhance your home decor with style.

The Bookcase by Siena Moveis Onix has a modern design and should mostly match private offices at home.

Despite its dimensions of 120 x 30 x 181 cm, the model, which has a maximum carrying capacity of 30 kg, is suitable for those who have less volume at home. The rack is made of MDP and is available in black only.

3. Match Organizer Rack, Artely

Picture: Match organizer shelf with hinged lid, Artely
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The bookcase has 4 wide niches and an opening door where you can organize books, picture frames and decorative objects, adding beauty and modernity to the environment.

Artely’s Match Organizer Bookcase has a modern design and may be of interest to those who want to add more style to the environment. Its body is made of MDP and supports up to 25 kg of weight.

The product measures 32 x 63 x 166 cm and its shelves provide a good distribution of books. The model has a drawer style part, very useful for storing other items.

4. Supreme Steel Rack

Image: Steel Bookcase with 6 Supreme Shelves
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Steel shelves with 6 adjustable shelves support up to 30 kg distributed per shelf and 120 kg in total.

Supreme Steel Bookshelf has 6 shelves and supports up to 120 kg of weight. It is therefore indicated for those who already have a large bookcase in their home and need a piece of furniture that effectively accommodates all the work.

Although it has a simple design, the steel structure can be easily personalized, and it is a great option for those who like to add personality to their furniture. The bookcase measures 93 x 41 x 19 cm and is mainly suitable for living rooms and offices.

5. Yescasa ladder-shaped bookcase

5% Closed

Image: Staircase bookcase, Yescasa

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

With its multi-purpose design, it can decorate many environments such as living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, relaxation area and covered patio.

166.26 BRL

This bookcase has a modern design in the “staircase” style, which brings a charm and more personality to the surroundings.

The product, which can carry up to 20 kg with its dimensions of 39 x 61 x 140 cm, is combined with balconies, offices and living rooms. It is produced in MDP and is available in black, white and brown.

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Source: Tec Mundo

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