Until a time, Xiaomi was best known for its smartphones that came to Brazil at super competitive prices. Since 2019, the company has officially returned to its activities in our country, bringing home automation line with many interesting products.

The brand, which stands out in the market with its product variety, does not miss with products such as lamps, smart speakers, robot vacuums and its latest launch Intelligent Blender in smart home.

If you’re starting to invest in home automation, a great place to start is the kitchen, and Xiaomi has a few products you should know. Check out:

1. Xiaomi Smart Blender with Heating Function

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Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Prepare soups, hot chocolate and more with the ultra-durable glass pitcher that keeps your meals hot or cold for up to 4 hours. The only one with smartphone control and programming.

1,899.99 BRL

The main difference between Xiaomi’s smart home products and common small appliances is that they have a Wi-Fi connection. With it, you can control all small devices with extra functions directly from your mobile phone.

The Xiaomi blender can be controlled via the OLED screen on the mobile phone or device. Mi Home app (available for iOS and Android) You can do use recipes and schedule the work of the smart mixerup to 12 hours in advance.

This small device has 8 blades and 9 speeds for a wide variety of preparations. It also has a built-in warming function (for making soups and other hot recipes) and can keep food warm for up to four hours.

The glass jug has a capacity of 1.6 l (cold) or 1.2 l (hot).

2. Xiaomi Portable Mixer Cup

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Image: Xiaomi Portable Mixer Bowl

Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Xiaomi’s MIxer has more security protections, automatic cleaning in 35 seconds, and is still portable and rechargeable, ideal for taking anywhere.

399.99 BRL

A blender is very useful for recipes, but when you want to make a quick blend such as a smoothie, juice or nutritional supplement, mixers are a great option and a glass with a built-in mixer is even more convenient.

Xiaomi’s mixer bowl has a 300ml capacity, stainless steel blades and a rotating motor up to 18,000rpm – more than enough for beating fruit, for example. Its battery is 1300 mAh, providing 12 cycles.

Each cycle lasts 35 seconds (but you can stop it earlier using the button) and the mixer has a safety system that disables the motor when you open the lid. By the way, this is one of the differences of the Xiaomi mixer bowl compared to other products. is more reliable and safe.

3. Xiaomi Smart Fryer

Image: Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

The fryer, which is fast and practical in preparation, uses the oil of the food with 360° air circulation, creating a crispy outer layer and a soft interior in the food, providing delicious meals with less oil.

The Xiaomi Air Fryer stands out with its minimalist one-button design. functions are controlled by OLED display or via the Mi Home app.

You’ll find eight integrated cooking programs in the app, plus you can pre-program the process, check how much time is left, change the temperature and even remotely turn off the Air Fryer. You can also use voice commands via Alexa and Google Assistant.

However, in addition to this smart kitchen piece, the Air Fryer also impresses with its functions as an appliance. It has 1500W (general models usually have 1200W), its basket has a grill for cooking more items or frying it whole, and its thermostat is between 40ºC and 200ºC (most start at 80ºC).

At 40º the motor rotates even slower, providing a more precise preparation. You can also calmly defrost food and even make yogurt – simply leave the Air Fryer at 40ºC for eight hours.

4. Xiaomi Electric Wine Opener

Image: Xiaomi Electric Wine Opener
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

BSimply place over your bottle and press one button to automatically remove corks in seconds with an easy, visible opening action.

With this electric wine opener, you simply place the bottle on the underside of the product and press a button. Then you press another button to throw the cork. This is also a great gift idea for wine lovers.

To make the kit even more complete, you can also add the Xiaomi smart stopper, which preserves the original flavor of the drink by sealing your wine in a vacuum.

Do you like Xiaomi products? Keep an eye on TecMundo to discover other products of the brand.

Source: Tec Mundo

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