HE Justice Minister Flavio Dino federal police Investigating complaints against the Brazilian Intelligence Agency (Abin). Newspaper at the beginning of the week World documents proving that Agency espionage Citizens of Brazil during the Bolsonaro government.

The letter was forwarded by the Minister to PF last Wednesday (15) requesting that the incident be investigated. Flávio Dino made the decision public during the announcement ceremony of the National Public Safety Program.

Crime Against Public Administration

In the document, Dino states that the way the facts are presented “Structuring crimes against the Public Administration and criminal organization“, among others. The initiative complies with the measures taken. Federal Prosecutor’s Office (MPF), which also opened a procedure to investigate the case.

After the accusations were made public, Abin stated in an official note that this was actually Used FirstMile from December 2018 to May 2021. The software made it possible to find the location of any person with pinpoint accuracy using only their mobile phone number.

Even before the controversy arose, the Executive Branch demilitarized the organization and handed over its management to the Civil Assembly.

Source: Tec Mundo

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