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Don’t drop iPhone 14 on the ground if you don’t want to be left without a phone: this is how they look after an accidental fall


The iPhone 14 is a great phone, as we said in its review. But just because a phone is basically a good terminal doesn’t mean it’s drop-resistant.. And to test this quality, there are already specialized companies that ruthlessly destroy smartphones.

Allstate Protection Plans conducted a series of mechanized drop tests on the larger 14 Series models. Mansana: iphone 14 plus and iphone 14 Pro Maximum.

First of all, explain that the company doesn’t do this out of the blue, and Allstate offers plans to protect phones from accidents, electrical and battery problems, and other breakdowns and product defects. That is why he is interested in showing how weak they are against blows.

Apple has tried to strike a balance between design and durability: all models feature ceramic bezels on the front and back, but the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus have a flat aluminum side that’s made of stainless steel on the inside. About Max.


Statewide Protection Plans | Apple iPhone 14 Breakage

iPhone 14 Plus Endurance Test

iPhone 14 Plus dropped two metersface down on the sidewalk and ended up with loose and broken glass screen frontalwith several raised cracks along one side and one corner.

This made handling the phone more difficult, as the loose glass was enough for a careless user to cut their fingers (common when phones are made of glass and break).

Dropping the rear onto the pavement raised the glass on the back with several apple-shaped cracks along one side, as well as damage to the camera body.

Nonetheless, iPhone 14 Plus showed excellent resistance to side impacts: when it fell sideways down the cobbled exterior stairs, only minor scuff marks were left on the corners, leaving the front and back glass panels intact.

iPhone 14 Pro Max Endurance Test

When iPhone 14 Pro Max fell face down on the sidewalk from two meters, cracks in the form of a target appeared on the sides and in one corner. However, dropping him on his back, the back panel was completely smashed even though the camera still worked.

He also doesn’t feel well when he falls down the stairs. In tests, the model came with a cracked back panel, scratched corners, crumpled buttons, and damage to the camera body. Fortunately, the phone and camera continued to work normally.

iPhone 14 Pro Max became a hit

The bottom line is that both the iPhone 14 Plus and 14 Pro Max were badly cracked or shattered after the first drop. while the iPhone 12 and 13 proved to be solid phones at the time. Bad news for new Apple customers.

It’s a shame that after several well-executed models made from durable materials, Apple has now not shown the same dedication to strength and durability in the family. iPhone 14.

Source: Computer Hoy

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