Mark Sutton was a British man who died in 2018 at the age of 34 after he was mistaken for prey and shot by a hunter. Cycling through the forest in the French Alps.

His case, however, shocked the district not because of his death, but because of his family’s reaction. His mother and sister were relieved and even happy after learning of the death.

Mark’s sister, Katie Toghill, told the British newspaper: Sun He The man had raped and beat her several times as a he was glad that he was dead.


“I was so relieved when I heard he was killed, I had a huge load on my back. I was relieved that he couldn’t hurt us or anyone else,” Katie told The Sun.

The woman told her mother, Katrina, that Mark fled abroad after confronting her years later. “I want everyone to know what a jerk he is,” Katie assured him.

Meanwhile, Katrina She described her son as a “monster” and explained to the British media that Mark has been bad since childhood.because he tried to stab another kid when he was just four years old when he was still in kindergarten.

Mark’s ex-girlfriend joined the same media outlet in one such message saying that she was “crying in relief” when she learned of Mark’s death because, according to her, the man was a “psychopath”.

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However, Mark’s sister expressed the most relief at his death. The woman even stated that she was sad because her death was sudden.

“It was a shame that he died so soon, I’d like to take the collar off slowly and know he was lying there about to die. He deserved to be tortured to death,” Katie said.

Not everyone close to Mark was happy with his death. His father and girlfriend went to the press to defend him, claiming that Katie and Katrina were trying to “stain her name”..

His girlfriend Jo Watts said: “In addition to everything I was devastated, people have chosen to make these accusations that have nothing to do with how he died now, when Mark is not here to defend himself.


Source: Exame

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