On the first day of the experiment, the journalist had a particularly difficult time getting out of bed this early. However, he still managed to do it and drank strong coffee first. According to the author, the rest of the day went well. Checked the email, worked, and did whatever was on the to-do list. However, he felt “extremely lethargic” and often had a hard time staying motivated.

On the second day of the experiment, the journalist seriously wondered if it was worth continuing to get up at 3:45 am. He overcame his reluctance, was able to check three unread emails, and then went for a walk.

On the third day, the writer again managed to get up early, go for a walk and complete all the work by 10 in the morning. He admitted that he enjoys resting for the rest of the day. Still, the journalist concluded that this lifestyle was not for him. He described it as a nightmare and admitted that he wasn’t ready to work 24/7.

Source: Ferra

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