The Investigation Department of the Ministry of the Interior has completed an investigation into Abtroniks. The company is accused of stealing 160 million rubles from the Ministry of Industry and Trade allocated for the development of a toy train.

The Interior Ministry completed an investigation into the Rossiya toy train and fraud worth hundreds of millions.

According to Kommersant, in the final version of the case, two more episodes were added to the episode with the theft of 160 million rubles. The damage caused amounted to about 400 million rubles, and the number of defendants increased from three to six.

The defendants include the founder of Abtronics Timofey Telegin, the former deputy head of the department for the development of the industry of socially significant goods of the Ministry of Industry and Trade Lilia Nurgatin and her friend Dzhamilya Chaikina.

It is noted that Chaikina is cooperating with the investigation, for which she was sent under house arrest. The rest of the suspects were sent to jail.

The case of fraud on an especially large scale was opened in March last year. Then the investigation established that in 2018-2019, the Abtronics company received 160 million rubles from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the development and production of the designer of children’s electromechanical toys Russia Train.

Then, according to the record, the company passed off a foreign toy train, which had already been produced since 2015, as its development. “Abtronics” bought “several dozen” designer kits worth about 15 thousand rubles each, glued the labels back on and presented the Ministry of Industry and Trade as its development.

Now it has emerged that the alleged scammers received subsidies from two other companies. Penza “Khimprodukt” allocated 106.9 million rubles “for research and development”, and the Stavropol toy manufacturer “Aelek” provided another 121.5 million rubles.

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Telegin’s defense insisted on house arrest, arguing that the businessman cannot leave the country due to the sanctions of Western countries, under which he has been since 2018.

Nurgatina’s lawyer, Olga Dinze, called the accusation “incomprehensible and abstract”. In her opinion, the former employee of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce had nothing to do with fraudulent activities.

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Source: RB

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