It is very popular among young people, The Chinese app TikTok has become the “enemy” of international authorities. Recently, many countries have announced measures that prohibit installing software on official devices.

Against this backdrop, Technology World It explains the issues behind the TikTok ban. Also find out which countries have made this decision.

Why are countries banning TikTok?

In summary, TikTok is blocked in some countries due to data security concerns. International officials believe there is a risk of millions of users’ information being shared with the Chinese government.

Since the administration of Donald Trump, US claims alleged data sharing poses potential national security risks. However, governments of other countries also took a stand against the platform.

Chinese company that owns TikTok, ByteDance has released a statement denying the allegations.. The company has stated several times that the app’s data is managed independently and has no affiliation with the Chinese government.

However, experts confirm that companies operating in China must comply with laws requiring data sharing with local authorities. This is why so many global tech companies are leaving the Asian country.

Laws in the US may ban TikTok permanently.

Which countries have blocked TikTok and why?

Currently, there is a large list of countries that ban the use of TikTok. It is important to note that most of them only impose restrictions on government-connected devices, while ordinary users maintain normal access to the Chinese platform.

United States of America

The US has entered a long-running battle with TikTok over data security concerns. Agencies like the FBI and Federal Communications Commission (FCC) had already warned that ByteDance may have shared user information with the Chinese government.

Since then, the US Congress and most states have placed restrictions on the use of the app on official devices. A bill that could ban the network from American soil is also being voted on.

Another issue that comes up is that the social network algorithm is not transparent.. American politicians suggest that Chinese leaders may use TikTok to “spread misinformation, shape political discourse and influence election results.”

The use of TikTok on devices owned by European governments is prohibited.

European Union

In February 2023, The European Union has banned TikTok setup on official devices. Citing data security concerns, it was also recommended that lawmakers and staff delete the software from personal devices.

Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom and New Zealand

Belgium, Canada, the United Kingdom and New Zealand became the latest countries to ban TikTok on official government devices. Generally, the alleged reason would be risks to users’ data security and privacy..

It is worth noting that Belgium proposes suspension of use for a period of six months. New Zealand officials, meanwhile, will make an exception for people to use the platform to “fulfill their democratic duty”.

India and Taiwan have blocked any access to TikTok.


in 2020 India has restricted TikTok and other Chinese apps, citing risk issues to citizens’ privacy and security.. The measure was taken after the conflict between the soldiers of the two countries on the border of the Himalayas.

Later, the Indian government selected some Chinese companies to respond to their data privacy and security requirements. However, the ban became final in January 2021.


Following the national security risk warning issued by the FBI in December 2022, Taiwan has banned the installation and access of TikTok on all public sector devices. The restriction also covers all other software made in China.

So far, there has been no move to block TikTok in Brazil.

What about Brazil? Will TikTok be blocked?

Despite recent worldwide action, the possible ban of TikTok has never been discussed in Brazil. So far, Brazilian authorities have not commented on concerns about data security or other related issues.

For now, Brazilian users should not worry about the app being blocked here.

Source: Tec Mundo

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