The deputy head of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, said that after 2035, cars with internal combustion engines will remain in Europe. However, the new cars will be zero emission vehicles.

European Commission: ICE cars will not disappear in Europe after 2035

“From 2035, cars produced in Europe will be zero emission. This does not mean that there will be no more cars. Cars with internal combustion engines will continue to exist, but new cars will not emit CO2,” Timmermans told La Repubblica.

The official added that Europe will not switch to the production of cars with only electric propulsion. At the very least, the decision on this will be left to the companies.

“This is not our choice. We have just outlined the goal: zero emissions. The rest depends on the industry and the supply chain,” said the politician.

Earlier this month, Italy and Germany scuttled a deal to ban internal combustion engines in the European Union from 2035. The countries were reportedly seeking an e-fuel exemption at the request of Ferrari and Porsche.

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Ahmed Sadulayev

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