Due to adverse weather conditions, the work of the airport of the resort city of Sochi from the night of March 19 until almost noon was greatly complicated. But representatives of the Aerodynamics company (which operates the Sochi, Anapa and Krasnodar airports) reported that the Sochi port was ready to accept part of the delayed flights.

Weather conditions in Sochi have temporarily improved – the airport is ready to receive and release part of the flights

“Since 11:00 a.m. visibility has improved in the airport area. The airport received four flights. Delayed flights began to take off from alternate airfields. In the near future, they will come to Sochi, ”TASS quotes the speakers of the management company.

Forecasters warn that normal visibility is expected to continue until 6 p.m. Sunday, and then the fog, through which only two of the 57 scheduled flights took off, will increase again.

Earlier, Aeroflot announced the cancellation of flights from Moscow and the regions to Sochi and back due to difficult weather conditions. Subsequently, the company said that part of the flights from the tourist city, whenever visibility allows, will carry them out.

Information is already available on the airline’s website about which flights Aeroflot will operate during the period of temporary improvement in weather conditions:

  • SU1135 Sochi – Moscow (departure at 14:30)
  • SU1137 Sochi — Moscow (departure at 15:00)
  • SU1125 Sochi – Moscow (departure at 16:40)
  • SU2815 Sochi – Saint Petersburg (departure at 17:45)
  • SU2914 Sochi — Perm (departure at 0:35 20.03)
  • SU2960 Sochi — Yekaterinburg (departure at 0:35 20.03)

For the rest of the canceled flights, there is still no additional information. And the company still urges customers to keep an eye on the news and not get to the airport if there is no information on the official website about the resumption of a particular flight.

You can see the news of the carrier here. In addition, passengers can independently reissue a ticket for other dates or request an involuntary refund.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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