The Avito service decided to display in a separate section new or excellent condition products from sellers with a high rating related to Avito Delivery. The new Avito Mall section has a more up-to-date design and advanced options for filtering products by category.

Avito is testing a new section among 5% of users

The test launch of a new section in the application was reported by (citing Avito as a source without a direct link to the company’s message) and with a link to Shopper’s.

It is known that the new section:

  • available only to 5% of users,
  • it will be tested until the first week of April, after which the developers will decide on the fate of the project,
  • designed as an online store, not a bulletin board (in the preview there is only a photo and the price of the product, the rest of the details are hidden),
  • presents goods only in new or excellent condition,
  • includes ads only from sellers with a rating higher than 4.5 related to Avito Delivery,
  • contains products in the categories of clothing, footwear, electronics, furniture, household items, children’s items, accessories, etc.

The media reports that those who fell into the test group can go to the “Shopping Center” section from the main page of the main application of the Avito service.


Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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