The cheapest alternative to the Apple Watch is now even cheaper

The Amazfit GTS 2 is on sale on Amazon and is a highly recommended smartwatch.

Amazfit GTS 2 watch has multiple health functions

smart watch Amazfit GTS 2 It is one of the cheapest smartwatches in the industry, but also one of the most popular. In 2022, Amazfit managed to capture 7.1% of total smartwatch sales, ahead of major manufacturers like Huawei and Garmin. The company ranks third in sales after giant Samsung with 22.3% market share and Apple with 50.6% market share.

Amazfit’s strategy is very clear: very polished and careful designwhile including most basic health functions and physical education. This has allowed them to have the best alternatives to the Apple Watch and launch multiple smartwatches at a very affordable price rather than the exorbitant cost of the Apple smartwatch.

And now one of the most popular smartwatch models from Amazfit even cheaper Thanks to a 7% off promotion on Amazon.

Amazfit GTS 2

Amazfit GTS 2: Everything you need to know about the best alternative to Apple Watch

The Amazfit GTS 2 is an inexpensive smartwatch, but it’s also not a plastic trinket with two or three limited features. Nothing is further from reality. And be careful, because 120 euros is not too little. Yes, it’s cheaper than an Apple Watch, but it’s good money that takes hard work to earn.

Amazfit GTS 2 has an integrated display AMOLED related to 1.65 inches With a density of 341 pixels per inch and high color accuracy. Its screen includes the following functions: screen is always on, a very interesting extra plus. In this sense, it is a perfect smartwatch. It also has a slim, ergonomic and very elegant design in the purest style of the Apple Watch.

On the other hand, this smartwatch health functions such as monitoring. pulse and measurement blood oxygen level (SpO2). he also has a system sleep monitoring and measure stress levels. It includes the Alexa voice assistant and 90 sports modes.

Finally, a series of Amazfit GTS 2 6 days. It’s far superior to the latest version of Apple’s own smartwatch, whose battery lasts for 18 hours.

The suggested price of this product is 129.90 Euros. But right now it’s on sale with a 7% discount and a value of 1000 TL. €121.10. A small discount for a smartwatch that is already a very cheap alternative on its own.

Amazfit GTS 2

Is this smartwatch a little over your budget? Looking for an even cheaper smartwatch? In this case, at MediaMarkt we recommend this Amazfit GTS 2 Mini for 79 euros.

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