Yandex has published in the public domain the source code of YTsaurus, a big data storage and processing platform, with which most of the company’s services work.

“Yandex” published in the public domain the source code of the platform for working with big data

The platform can be used for both analysis and training of complex models with billions of parameters, the company said.

With YTsaurus, Yandex’s Poisk builds a search index and drones use the platform to process travel data and improve their algorithms. YTsaurus also manages Yandex supercomputers, distributing the load in such a way that computing power is used efficiently.

Yandex has been developing YTsaurus since 2010. The company notes that YTsaurus can bring the most benefit to large enterprises “processing gigantic amounts of data on thousands of servers under ever-increasing load.”

YTsaurus source code and documentation are published on GitHub. The code is distributed under the Apache 2.0 license. The platform can be used or modified by anyone.


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