Wildberries plans to launch its own Razz and Ruzz brands of home appliances and electronics. They intend to produce equipment both in Russia and in China.

Wildberries will launch its own brand of electronics and home appliances

The company filed documents for the registration of the relevant trademarks at the end of December 2022. Approximately 100 private label household appliances and electronics items will soon appear on the market, including refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, blenders, mixers, TVs, etc.

A couple of months after the start of sales, the assortment will be replenished with tablets, laptops and smartphones. The emergence of an own brand in the company is explained by the lack of supply in the market and the growth in demand in this segment. According to Wildberries, sales of equipment and electronics grew 97% last year.

  • Yandex also announced plans to sell electronics and equipment in August 2022. The company has filed two applications to register its own brands: Vionic and Tuvio. The list of products includes refrigerators, washing machines and kettles, robotic vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, microwave ovens, as well as sausage machines and soda machines.
  • In the spring of 2022, Yandex. Market” has already begun to produce accessories for smartphones under its own Commo brand. Now users can order chargers and network cables, and other accessories will soon appear on the service. It will be possible to receive goods from Commo in any region of Russia.


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Source: RB

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