Last week, Amazon sent out an email survey to multiple users to better understand what might prompt someone to try a new browser. This is speculated to be an indication that the company is considering launching a competitor. Google Chrome.

In conducting the survey, the company emphasizes that participants will make valuable contributions to the development of innovations that can improve the browsing experience of a large number of users. A little curious, isn’t it? In the tweet below, one of the users who took the survey shows a printout of the email:

Why would Amazon build its own browser?

After all, what will be the purpose of the e-commerce giant? The company is the largest online retailer in the US, has a successful studio and its own streaming service. However, did you know that Amazon also invests heavily in advertising? And right now it’s more profitable than your service hit the primer.

In 2011, the company created a browser called Silk, but the software is limited to the company’s complementary products, such as the Fire TV Stick. However, the new research appears to be all about a browser, as evidenced by topics covered like the following. sync, privacy, shopping options, text-to-speech, extensions and third-party tracker blocking.

While most of these features are expected in a modern browser, the last item is quite unique. Browsers don’t have this option built into them, with exceptions like Opera and Brave, which can be a great attraction for a new browser.

The survey ended on the 19th, followed by mass layoffs of more than 9,000 people on Monday (20). It’s up to us to wait for more news on Amazon’s intentions.

Source: Tec Mundo

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