The house is a place where it used to be very cozy and comfortable for all the fathers of the family. We live in a frequently encountered world, and many people are most exposed to danger already in order to surround you with care, relieve household stress, take care of health and special occasions.

This collection contains the most interesting home gadgets that will surely come in handy for everyone, from a useful vibrating massager for the back and muscles to a children’s night light.

These devices do not even need a reason. Just look at them and think how great it would be to have them in your home.

But why dream? Simple control:

1. Vibrating massage roller Hyperice Vyper 3.0

Unusual with detection of an anatomically shaped device, it has 3 speeds of intense vibration to restore blood circulation and tone muscle tissue after a long day of sedentary work when you were sitting in front of the monitor with your back bent.

Hyperice Vyper 3.0 massages, relieving stress and tension, eliminates muscle spasms and fatigue. Due to the increased and painless transmission of impulses in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bmuscle-energy tissue.


The device is also useful for playing sports, in the final stage of strength or cardio training. Vyper 3.0 qualitatively relaxes the muscles and causes the detection of post-exercise pain caused by a delay in the breast tissues.

The device can be connected via Bluetooth to the Hyperice app to receive tips from professional athletes and step-by-step instructions. Just imagine that Hyperice Vyper 3.0 is your personal massage therapist who will wash your back and muscles as comfortably as possible, and most importantly, effectively.

☑️ Buy for 19,990 rubles

2. Vinyl player REGA PLANAR 1, white

One of the best true hi-fi processors available, perfect for those who are just getting started in the world”warm lamp» vinyl sound. REGA PLANAR 1 is extremely easy to set up: just take it out of the box and install the counterweight.

On the “turntable” is the RB110 tonearm, which is equipped with automatic anti-skating, tuned to the complete Carbon MM pickup. The disk made of composite polymer material has good rigidity and successfully fights vibrations, and the low-noise motor is characterized by high speed stability, which is distinguished by the increased Passivity of Advanced EBLT.


The body of the player is covered with a matte varnish in black or white, which allows Rega Planar 1 to look strict and concise in any interior. At the bottom, special supports are provided, which are related to occasions and stable operation of the device.

This player has a balanced and accurate sound, which will become a set for hi-fi-systems of novice music lovers. The set also includes a dust cover and a felt mat.

☑️ Buy for 43,190 rubles

3. Smart pen Neolab Neo SmartPen Dimo

This accessory is automatically stored electronically. Simply write notes or text with this pen on the dedicated paper and accessory to scan your note on the fly for display and storage on your mobile device or computer without complex pre-settings.

The Neo smartpen Dimo ​​is powered by a regular battery that lasts for 27 hours of normal writing or more than 9 hours of continuous writing. When collecting pens for an hour a day, one battery will last for a whole month.


A special scanner is built into the case, which performs markup recognition on sheet paper. Notebooks with this markup are assembled separately, but sheets with this markup can also be printed independently.

Neo smart pens are addressed to a special circle of visitors: from artists and designers to designers, from managers to principals and owners of businesses, securities, their valuable instructions have reached the necessary addresses.

☑️ Buy for 6490 rubles

4. Robot vacuum cleaner Dreame Bot W10 Pro with a self-cleaning station

The robot performs dry and wet cleaning, without missing a centimeter of the floor in the future home. With a suction power of 4000 Pa and a speed of 180 rpm for the high vacuum nozzles, even the most stubborn dirt can be removed. The body also has side brushes and an oversized roller to pick up hard-to-reach dirt.

You yourself choose one of 3 operating modes of the device: dry cleaning, mopping or combined cleaning. After work, the Bot W10 Pro automatically returns to the docking station to clean and dry the attachments.


Bot W10 Pro maps the surrounding area, optimal cleaning path and supports storage of up to 3 floor plans. After creating a room plan, you can interact with the robot through a mobile application for individual cleaning.

The device can work up to 160 minutes without recharging, capturing dry and wet cleaning of floors up to 200 m². A 6400mAh battery, 4.5L clean water tank and 4.0L used water tank make it easy to clean throughout the house.

☑️ Buy for 78,990 rubles

5. Petoneer Cozy Sofa for pets

Smart couch Petoneer Cozy Sofa automatically heats up and cools down in accordance with the set parameters. It is a favorite resting place for cats and dogs of small breeds.

The lounger consists of the emergence of a voltage and cooling unit, a fan, an aluminum plate and a gel mat. The materials of the device and construction are completely safe for animals.


Cozy Sofa works in manual automatic mode. In manual mode, you can set a constant heating temperature in the range from 20 to 38 ° C, in automatic lying mode, the set temperature will be maintained, cooling or heating the rug as needed.

Smart couch does not need a lot of electricity. It consumes only 1 kW in 4 days, even if it works around the clock. The power supply is included with the Petoneer Cozy Sofa.

☑️ Buy for 11,990 rubles

6. Smart Garden with Back to Basics iGarden LED

You will definitely like this smart device. With iGarden LED you can grow flowers, vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs and succulents even on your windowsill. There will be no earth and dirt, because the whole process takes place using ordinary water.

The smart garden is equipped with an electronic control system, so there is no need to water plants and flowers every day. the sensor itself will give a signal when they need water.


Grow greens for use in cooking, or use the iGarden LED to decorate your apartment. Either way, it’s a really useful device.

iGarden LED can be placed in the kitchen or on the balcony, made as a desktop in the office or near the bed in your home, or as an original gift for eco-style lovers.

☑️ Buy for 5590 rubles

7. Rombica LED Dexter

The lamp is made in the shape of a funny dog, and thanks to such a night light, the child will no longer be afraid of the dark, because the soft, muffled light will quickly disperse all fears and all monsters. Convenient and funny lamp control.

If you want to reduce or increase the beauty of Rombica Dexter, you should raise or lower the dog’s tail. The head swivels to allow for a versatile light direction.


The body of the Rombica Dexter LED lamp is made of lightweight and durable plastic. Break it very soon, you still need to try. The special Soft-Touch coating gives a pleasant texture to the product and it does not slip in the hands.

There are no wires to operate Rombica Dexter, the lamp is powered by a built-in battery. When fully charged, the device works for 10 hours without interruption. It is also not necessary to change the light bulbs often, since their service life exceeds 30 thousand hours.

☑️ Buy for 2290 rubles

Here are such cozy and useful gadgets that we have collected for you to make your home as good as possible. Whether you want to always be clean, or to have peace in general, or to ensure that the assortment of sitting at the computer desk does not affect your subsequent health, re:Store has the right gadget, device or accessory.

Do not delay with gifts to yourself and loved ones.

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