Alphabet and Google CEO, sundar pichaicelebrates public availability of artificial intelligence (AI) platform poet. The chatbot, which was launched as a test for users in selected regions on Tuesday, 21st, is surrounded by high expectations on the admin side.

In a note sent to and obtained from employees CNBCPichai reassures the team that mistakes will happen, but this community response is critical to improving both Bard himself and his AI technology.

In the letter, there is still some additional information about the creation process. poet: 80,000 company employees assisted in internal testing with some technology serving as a pillar for artificial intelligence in development since 2017.

It’s worth remembering that Bard’s announcement was not successful: In February of this year, the company hastily revealed the chatbot after investments in Microsoft’s competitor. OpenAI and inclusion ChatGPT in the search engine binGoogle’s competitor. The lack of care was proven in tests that gave wrong answers to relatively simple questions and even drew criticism from employees.

Bard news should be announced in the next edition of the event Google I/OIt takes place in May 2023.

Read excerpts from the CEO’s letter

“Hello Googlers. Last week was a big week for AI with our Cloud, Development, and Workspace announcements. More coming this week as we begin expanding access to Bard, which we announced in February.

(…) Thanks to the Bard team, who spent the last few weeks with Bard probably more than anyone else. I’m also very grateful to the 80,000 Googlers who helped test the product for internal use.

(…) Even after all these developments, we are in the early stages of a long AI journey. People will be amazed as they start using the Bard and testing his abilities. Things will go wrong. But user feedback is crucial to improving the product and the technology behind it.

(…) For now, I’m excited to see how Bard encourages more creativity and curiosity in the people who use it. I look forward to sharing all of our progress in AI helping people, businesses and communities. (…)


Source: Tec Mundo

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