Not all gadget lovers like the actual advantages and features of using Apple smartphones. Some in such cases go to androidbut keep using apple computers.

To the point: 6 large files from iPhone to computer or other smartphone

At the same time, the “Apple magic” and some chips will no longer work in the ecosystem.

Sooner or later, there was a desire to transfer something from a smartphone to a computer or sell it. We have collected the most relevant and convenient file sharing options between macOS And android.

1. Via Android File Transfer App by Wire

This is the official app from Google has been around for a long time and is supported by the latest versions of meeting systems. You can easily transfer files even on macOS Ventura and Android 12.

Data transfer will be carried out only by wire, but the speed is very fast.

► download and install the app Android file transfer on Mac.

► Smartphone interface to computer via connection.

► On the Android gadget screen, select the mode File transfer. The dialog box can be center of life.

► The application will automatically launch on Mac Android file transfer. If this does not happen, start the program manually via Launchpad or Searchlight.

Now you can transfer data through a regular file manager. If data transfer is not available, wake up the screen of your Android smartphone to wake it from sleep mode.

2. Through the OpenMTP application by wire

This is a utility from an external environment that works stably with large files. The program is completely free and open source.

Everything works, as in the case of Android file transferonly when connecting gadgets by wire.

► download and install the app OpenMTP on Mac.

► Smartphone interface to computer via connection.

► Run OpenMTP on your Mac and grant permission to access data on your smartphone.

You will see a two-pane file manager with the ability to transfer data to changed ones.

3. Bluetooth direct transmission

A simple and long forgotten transfer method straight from the 2000s. Will work with common smartphone or computer.

The data is transmitted in the wireless sensor, but the speed and distance to the PC will be limited. Sending a photo, contact or document will work without problems, but it is better to send a long video or file in another way. But no additional food products are observed.

► On your smartphone, activate search by discovery Bluetooth. On different gadgets, the chip may have different names.

► Splendor in macOS System Settings – Bluetooth and wait for the smartphone to appear in the list of detected devices.

► Tap on the found gadget and confirm the discovery on your smartphone.

► Computers and Android devices are discovered to easily transfer files between them.

► To transfer from a smartphone, transfer the data to a computer in the sharing menu.

► For standard access in reverse order, a boot utility is implemented File sharing via Bluetooth and select the file to send.

So you can transfer files wirelessly over a short distance.

4. Transfer via AirDroid over Wi-Fi

A convenient wireless data transfer method will work when the gadgets are connected to the same Wi-Fi network or accessibility. This happens directly and does not happen on a third-party server or site.

► download app AirDroid on an Android smartphone.

► Launch the program and benefit from the section AirDroid website.

► On a Mac platform, any and enter the address from the app on your smartphone.

► Drag the desired file directly to the computer so that it reaches the Android gadget.

► If you want to get the data as a file, find the file you are looking for in File Explorer and save it from the browser on your Mac.

The data rate will be required by the router you are using, but it will be faster than the protocol transfer anyway. Bluetooth.

5. Transfer via SnapDrop within the same network

As the name implies, this service determines the work of the apple counterpart AirDrop. Works only on a new gadget without reference to susceptibility to the system or manufacturer.

All data is transferred between each other, but for this client must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

► Open the SnapDrop service page on all devices.

► Click “Found Gadget” and send a file to it using your smartphone or computer.

You don’t use Cumulative Storage to retrieve deleted data.

6. Forwarding via any messenger or cloud

In addition to the above applications and services, you can always use a messenger or a cloud storage client. This method works wirelessly and allows you not only to transfer files, but also store them in the cloud, downloading the right moment on any of the devices.

You need to install the client on both gadgets and log in to one account. After that, sync folders or send data to your chat.

Now you know exactly how to connect an apple computer to a smartphone. android and transfer any necessary data between them.

Source: Iphones RU

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