Microsoft Loop, an alternative to Microsoft Notion, is now available in public preview. Today, any user can try Redmond’s new collaboration platform, which includes, of course, AI-driven features, as well as full integration with other brand services such as Microsoft 365.

The loop in particular works very similar to Notion and other collaboration platforms, where you can create workspaces, slates, or pages where you can include tasks, idea lists, and more. The main difference is that Loop can be easily synchronized with other Microsoft services such as Word, Outlook, etc. to, for example, import documents so that other people can edit them or add new content.

The Microsoft Loop is divided into three important areas. On the one side, Cyclic workspaces, also known as workspaces. This is a section designed to group all the important elements of a project, such as task lists, ideas, etc. What’s interesting about workspaces is that any member of the team can see and interact with the content, such as responding to a task or know what each person is working on.

Pages for collaboration and synchronization with other Microsoft products

Microsoft cycle

Another area of ​​the Loop is pages. These are kind of blank canvases where team members can add text and other elements such as links, even at the same time. The document grows as new ideas or annotations are added.

Microsoft Loop also has a feature called Components. These are sort of editable blocks into which any member of the team can add elements that can later be pasted into other applications. For example, someone might create a table that can later be copied and pasted into an email message. Also, this will always be in sync, so if someone updates a table in the Components section, the same table pasted into an email will also be automatically updated.

Microsoft Loop comes with AI-powered features

Microsoft Loop app for iOS and Android.

Microsoft also added to Loop Co-pilot support, their new AI assistant, also available in Microsoft version 635. Copilot in Loop is designed to complement and facilitate the work of other team members. You can, for example, summarize notes, rephrase text to make it shorter, or turn a paragraph into a to-do list, just to name a few.

Recall that soon Copilot will be available in Word, Outlook and other applications. The AI-powered assistant, more specifically GPT-4, will let you, for example, create a PowerPoint presentation based on a Word document or vice versa, among other features.

Microsoft Loop, we repeat, is available as a preview today. Any private user can access the platform from the Internet or, Download the app for iPhone and Android. The Loop mobile app, yes, is only available for work accounts. However, the company guarantees that it can later be used with personal accounts.

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