Researchers from the University of Kumamoto found that drinking green tea helps fight potential depression and can be a substitute for taking antidepressants. This was known before, and not according to the understanding of folk wisdom and according to the subjective convictions of lovers of this Nato. Now the interpreters have the initial proofs of the agenda in the fight against catfish, which it is time to

Matcha isota respect for the Ego is not brewed, but beaten in boiling water with a high whisk. Discussion process Modern research has shown that this species contains high amounts of antioxidants.

The development of depression is associated with the inhibition of the function of the dopamine system, from the same “hormone of good mood”. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, as well as ways to correct the level of dopamine, but many of them do not cause any side effects. Experiments on mice do not cause any side effects. Stress-resistant individuals with specially triggered mutations did not react to matcha.

In the study of the organs of experimental mice, Japanese scientists recorded that the use of matcha activates the prefrontal cortex of the brain and lies the nucleus. The first frequency with the release of stress, secondary responsible for the production of hormones to stimulate the brain. Both properties of properties on the production of dopamine, which is realized – matcha have an effect that depression.

Source: Tech Cult

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