After the seller left Russia as a result of sanctions and the end of warranty support for Russian users, the task of servicing Apple products was taken over by the diHouse company, which is part of the Lanit group. diHouse is a retail and corporate supplier of smartphones, mobile and desktop computers, home appliances, gaming equipment, digital gadgets and accessories.

But there is one nuance: diHouse will serve Apple devices imported into the Russian market. In other words, it is the distributor, rather than the dealer, who will replace the product and repair it in the services with which the company has signed a cooperation agreement, in case the damage is covered by the warranty. A corresponding sticker with information about the product and the company logo is affixed to the box of the Apple device imported into Russia by DiHouse.

At the same time, the distributor recommends that all buyers of Apple devices check with the seller the level of service support, since the manufacturer does not bear warranty obligations for goods imported into Russia.

Source: Ferra

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