The rapid development and growing availability of 3D technologies have given rise to a very dangerous trade – advanced craftsmen have already learned how to deftly print some types of modern weapons on 3D printers.

And the matter is no longer limited to small arms. According to the Vice News (USA) online news outlet, some enthusiasts are already studying the atmosphere with might and main, but they use rocket launchers and grenade launchers quite effectively. It is still far from full-time exporters in service – no, as exporters, it is only a matter of time.

A good example is the d & s Creations company, posted on YouTube a video of its tests on n n n n The company’s specialists have collected several “full-fledged” anti-tank shells. It remains to make a launcher for them, with which there are still problems.

Another of their “like-minded people” proposed to reproduce on a 3D printer a light jet flamethrower M202 FLASH, which, thanks to Arnold Schwarzenegger, “lit up” in the famous action movie Commando (1985). The craft already knows how to shoot far enough and accurately.

Experts do not reveal their concerns – even if imperfect 3D anti-tank weapons may be within reach, for example, Mexican drug cartels or rebels in Myanmar, who are already actively using improvised UAVs and grenade launchers.

Source: Tech Cult

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