The Federal Antimonopoly Service demanded that the Wildberry market, which was at the center of a scandal this month, create special arbitration to resolve disputes.

FAS ordered Wildberries to create a special arbitration to resolve disputes

Earlier, on March 14, the holders of collection points (PIU) came to the company’s Moscow office with demands to cancel the new system of fines for defective goods. Outraged businessmen threatened to close the outlets, and even the police arrived on the scene.

The next day, the owners of collection points in other regions joined the strike. In the market, due to the indignation of the partners, they decided to block some items. From there, merchandise began to be exported. Representatives of the State Duma intervened in the conflict.

The market itself at first claimed that the information about the strike was not true, but later stopped charging fines and created a special commission to resolve conflicts with partners. On March 24, the sources said the company had resolved the dispute.

“According to the service, arbitration is necessary in situations where the problem cannot be resolved using the feedback system. The Antimonopoly Agency expressed its readiness to provide its position when considering the most controversial issues,” the FAS said in a statement.

In addition, the department requires that the offer be finalized in such a way that all its points are made as clear as possible. Market representatives must eliminate shortcomings and exclude any ambiguous interpretation.

The company also reported on the photographic fixation system during the reception and measurement of merchandise, says the FAS.

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Earlier, Yandex.Market announced that it was introducing a new scheme for resolving conflict situations with the owners of pickup points. An ad hoc working group will be established to review each case.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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