According to an article published this Thursday (23) by Google Play product manager Sheenam Mittal, Play Commerce blocked more than $2 billion in fraudulent and abusive transactions in 2022. For this purpose, the service uses automated solutions and various internal monitoring tools associated with human control.

Mittal says Play Commerce is trying to identify large-scale malicious attempts like “one-time purchase strategies and automatic renewal payments” to ensure secure transactions on Android. This could be through compromised payments, refund requests, or fake gift cards.

Global trading platform that allows app developers to securely monetize their products in over 170 markets. The tool also offers 300 local payment methods in 70 countries, as well as monetization features to drive buyer conversion, engagement and retention.

protection features

Scammers often try to exploit the knowledge gap between Google Play and developers. To address this risk, the company offers two main solutions used by 70% of the top 200 monetization tool developers on the platform.

The canceled purchases API provides a list of voided orders, allowing you to apply revoke access to products for those orders. The obfuscated account ID helps detect fraudulent transactions, such as multiple device purchases from the same account in a short period of time.

Google also offers the Play Integrity API to protect apps and games from fraudulent and risky activities. The solution checks if user actions or server requests come from an unmodified application. Developers using the API reported more than 50% reduction in unauthorized access to their apps.

Source: Tec Mundo

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